Bond Gather is the newest extension of Bond Collective’s hospitality platform, offering one of a kind venues for both small and large scale events. With the option to bring in your own vendors or utilize one of our all inclusive packages, we strive to customize each event to be seamless and to the highest quality. Connect with one of our hospitality professionals today to bring your vision to life!

Specializing in hospitality and design,
our thoughtfully curated boutique workspaces provide an unparalleled experience. Every detail and amenity is carefully chosen to ensure our members and their businesses thrive. With diverse locations that authentically represent the communities around them, our spaces embody a quiet sense of luxury, so that the work can take center stage.

Ivana Andreani
Director of Event Sales and Venue Growth
Meet the Team
Ivana lives by the phrase, “it’s better to be busy than to be bored.” As an active and enthusiastic member of the event industry for the past seven years, Ivana brought her past experience from working as a luxury wedding planner and venue operations manager to our event and coworking spaces. She’s served as a wedding coordinator at 40+ weddings and was once dubbed a “mother-of-the-bride-whisperer. ” Come to her with event ideas or your dog, she’s happy to receive both with open arms.